Partnership with Ieshahomes

YourZone Sales Agent is a self-employment business partnership wherein the Ieshahomes team incentivises YourZone Sales Agents to generate a wider interest/sales of the Ieshahomes modular range of small homes, home offices and studios. This wider interest is accomplished by allocating different YourZone Sales Agents to ‘Zones’ or sections of QLD and NSW.

What is YourZone?

Ieshahomes is looking to team up with YourZone Sales Agents, people who are interested in purchasing a small home or studio to be used as a display home on their land. These YourZone Sales Agents will receiving an ongoing commission of $3500 for each sale of our Ieshahomes PODS that the YourZone Sales Agent generates from their display home and marketing.

This is not a franchise. Ieshahomes does not require further payments, fees, or costs, aside from the initial cost to build your display home ($85’000) and an administration/registration fee for a 2 year partnership.

YourZone Partnership Application:

Ieshahomes is accepting YourZone applications. This self employment initiative will secure you a zone, in which you will be able to purchase your display home and receive $3500 per sale generated in your zone. It’s a 2 year renewable agreement that is low-cost and low-maintenance. You’ll work together with Ieshahomes to generate interest and marketing in your local area, and we’ll do the rest.


What are Zones?

A zone is an allocated township/area in which the purchased display home will be built and marketed. Zone Owners must first secure the zone in which their display home will be marketed to. Once you have secured a zone, it is yours for 2 years. This franchisee agreement is renewable every 2 years. It’s low-cost and low-maintenance.

What is the role of a ‘Zone Owner’?

A Zone Owner will work together with Ieshahomes to establish and generate sales by purchasing a display home POD to be constructed in their dedicated zone. This display home is owned entirely by the Zone Owner.

Zone Owner

  1. Purchases display home
  2. Markets the display home locally (Ieshahomes will provide Zone Owners with leads to help them market locally)
  3. Zone Owner receives $3500 for each sale generated from their display home


  1. Manufactures display home in Coffs Harbour NSW
  2. Delivers display home to Zone Owner
  3. Builds display home on Zone Owner’s property or property leased by Zone Owner
  4. Markets the display home to consumers via our websites, facebook pages, as well as radio and social media advertising.
  5. Ieshahomes manages all sales and orders from their head office in Bellingen NSW. Orders are delivered to the customer by Ieshahomes. If customer requires build assist or flat pack assembly services, Ieshahomes provides this.

What is the Cost of Zone Ownership?

The cost to become a YourZone Sales Agent includes the $85’000 for the construction of the display home, as well as $1200 for administration and registration for the 2 year partnership.

For more information on costs, zone areas, zone term lengths, sales, as well as administration and marketing, please download the Sales Pack PDF below.