Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)

Ieshahomes uses insulated foam core panels (SIPS) for walls and roofing. You can choose between BONDOR with MATRIX cladding, or DELTACOOL all in one panels.

For your walls; an EPS core sandwiched between steel sheets provides thermal efficiency and excellent sound dampening. Roof panels consist of a corrugated metal roof and flat ceiling sheet which sandwich a foam core with thicknesses between 150mm and 225mm depending on your requirements.

These SIPS offer a new building technology as an alternative to monolithic traditional building methods. Fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards, all our panels options come with a 10 or 15 year warranty. Affordable, tough, quick builds are our focus, and with SIPS wall and roofing- this is always guaranteed.

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Wall System

Wall System

Ieshahomes offers two wall panel options for your build:

  1. Bondor walls with MATRIX panels, or
  2. Deltacool panels


1. Bondor walls with MATRIX panels

  • Bondor LuxeWall® is a modern, lightweight residential wall cladding solution developed with a concealed fixing system to fasten to timber and metal stud wall framing.
  • The system uses architectural steel faced insulated wall cladding conceal fixed in a vertical orientation.
  • Bondor FlameGuard® is a non-combustible and fire-rated walling product with a non-ozone depleting Mineral Wool core, encased in BlueScope® Steel pre-finished in Colorbond®.
  • MATRIX panels by JH are 8mm thick cement composite sheets, sealed on all sides, sanded smooth and pre-primed for a high quality finish.
  • Matrix panels are attached to the Bondor walls via the gyp board they are fastened to.
  • The gyp board is a 12mm plaster board.
  • All walls are attached to the sub-floor, beams, and structural steel poles.

2. Deltacool Panels

  • DeltaCool™ is an Insulated Wall Panel System, comprising of two pre-painted, roll-formed steel skins, bonded to a polystyrene insulating core.
  • Both skins have a roll-formed tongue and groove edge.
  • Skins are coated with an anti-bacterial paint that inhibits the growth of bacteria.


Roof System

Roof System

Ieshahomes offers two roof panel options by Delta Panel for your build:

  1. DeltaOrb, or
  2. DeltaTrim


1. DeltaOrb

  • Deltaorb™ is an Insulated Roof Panel System, comprising of two pre-painted, roll-formed steel skins, bonded to a polystyrene insulating core.
  • The top profile offers classical corrugated lines with all the benefits of modern Insulated Panel technologies.
  • The bottom skin has a roll-formed tongue and groove edge.

2. DeltaTrim

  • DeltaTrim consists of three main components; a durable steel roof sheet, polystyrene core, and a smooth, easy to clean ceiling finish, bonded together from the factory.
  • DeltaTrim comes with foam filled peaks from the factory. This reduces corrosion and stops vermin from entering the cavity.
  • Both roof options are available in 14 roof colours with a smooth white ceiling.





These advanced insulated panels make it possible to quickly erect homes and commercial buildings with minimal expense: And by spreading the structural loads over the entire S.I.P. system, much of the timber or steel framing required for ‘conventional’ construction methods is eliminated.


Our SIPS system provides improved structural performance. Panels will not rot or decay, are not susceptible to termite attack and the finished internal and external surfaces are ready for painting or plastering. Their structural integrity is not affected by extremes of moisture or temperature, making them an ideal building material for use in all climates.

Ongoing Cost Effectiveness

In addition to reducing material costs and site labour time, the panel technology is ideal for creating airtight, highly energy-efficient buildings. This is an important advantage considering the ongoing discussions of increasing energy cost.

When combined with the speed of construction, minimal waste and simplicity of construction, the Structural Insulated Panel System is rightly regarded as an advanced building method for the 21st Century.



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