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Home and Business Packages

If you are looking for a way to earn money and own your own home, this may be the solution for you. Our Home and Business floor plan allows you to live in an Ieshahomes Cottage Studio, and run your store from the other side of your house. Get off the ground with Iesha Business studios, somewhere to live and work and earn a living and pay off the mortgage easily. Build the business up and sell it on for a profit, lease it out as a shop, or continue to operate your own business in a stylish new studio-style floor plan.


About Home and Business Packages

What this package includes:

  • The Iesha Business Studio floor plan (plus any customisations eg; decking)

  • All materials required to complete your construction-ready Iesha Home
  • All manuals and video guides required to complete the build
  • Free 30 mins of Build Assist
  • After sales support

Use this package to…

  • Open a shop and use the profits to pay off your mortgage or generate savings
  • Open your own ‘Pick a Pie’ store by purchasing the rights in your area (Read below)
  • Move your current business into your Iesha home and work from home
  • Lease out the shop area of your Iesha home, and use the rent to pay off your mortgage or generate savings

Customising your floor plan

The Home and Business Package includes one Business Studio floor plan. This is a modified Cottage Studio floor plan which features an open-plan business area. You will need to work with our Ieshahomes team to customise the layout of your store (windows, doors, additional bathrooms or kitchens etc). Other customisable features include decking and optional carport. Please refer to the standard Business Studio floor plan below.


Home and Business Packages are a $280k outright purchase. There are no ongoing fees for your Iesha home. We deliver all the materials to your building site direct from our local suppliers. This takes 4 weeks maximum. You will need a licensed builder, or be an owner-builder to construct your Iesha home. You can easily extend your Iesha home in the future. Read more about extensions here. If you decide to do this, Ieshahomes will contact your local supplier to deliver all necessary parts to your address.

Open your own ‘Pick a Pie’

Customers who are interested in starting a business from home can choose to purchase the rights to Pick a Pie- an organic fast food franchise specialising in customisable pies. It is an additional $35k to purchase the rights to a Pick a Pie store in your local area. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to a store in your area, please contact our admin team directly and we will provide you with all the information you need.

About ‘Pick a Pie’

Pick a Pie is an easy and quick bite to eat. Simply choose which filling you’re craving (Vegan, Fruit, Meat etc), choose the topping and you’re done! See the images below for product information.

  • Choose from family, medium, and small sizes.
  • Vegan, Fruit, or Meat fillings
  • Sweet and savory toppings
  • Pick a Pies are certified organic.
  • The ‘Snackpac’ containers are re-usable and sturdy- no pie mess here!
  • Pie fillings are cooked fresh every morning
  • The soft and flaky crust is placed right on top when you order, creating a quick and easy pie.
  • Our crust is vegan, gluten-free, and organic- so whichever pie you’re hungry for, Pick a Pie’s got you covered.
  • Check out the images below for more information!

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