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DIY with Build Assist

Build Assist is short for builder assistance. It’s a service that provides help for DIY Builds of Ieshahomes houses. In fact all purchases that use a DIY Build come with 30 minutes free. Moreover, you can purchase additional hours of Build Assist for fee.

Ieshahomes wishes to emphasise that Build Assist does not replace a full building team. Likewise, if you choose a DIY Build you are responsible for hiring a team to complete the construction of your Ieshahomes house.

Including the building plans and materials, Ieshahomes provides you with a complete written and video manual- free of charge. In particular, the manual illustrates the correct building methods necessary to complete the build of your Ieshahomes house in a quality and timely manner.

Ieshahomes is all about affordability and easy, quick builds. For this reason, after the completion of your DIY Build, an Ieshahomes representative will come to assess the build. Our rep will conduct the final inspection and make sure the build is up to our standards, and that no malpractices have occurred. We do this because our homes are built using modern building methods and materials that not all builders are used to. It’s a quality assurance for you.

With this in mind, the Build Assist service is not necessary for the construction of your Iesha home. This is why we provide a free 30 minute service for all customers. Our builder is simply there to give your construction team a kick start, either supervising or building with your team.

With our Build Assist service you will get:

  • 30 minutes free
  • Additional assistance can be purchased during your build or beforehand
  • An Ieshahomes builder will be sent to your site to conduct the service
  • You can choose a builder to supervise, or work with your construction team


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