Structural Steel System

After 2.5 years of research and development; Ieshahomes have tried and tested many materials with our builders and find steel to be one of the best materials to work with, accurate and super tough. Today’s modern building methods and materials like light and structural steel allow for beautiful architectural design. All Ieshahomes are structurally engineered for steel and focus on affordable housing with architectural integrity.

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About the Steel

Ieshahomes steel

  • An architectural and effective feature of your home
  • Used in our designs for structural steel framing and sub-floors
  • 12 structural steel beams connected to ground by fixed concrete footings
  • Ieshahomes uses Bluescope Steel
  • All designs are certified and engineered for standard cyclone and earthquake ratings
  • Ieshahomes are flexible and can be built on any type of land
  • Our pole system allows for your home to be off the ground from 500mm to 3.6m
  • Steel works and looks great alongside our SIPS roofing and wall cladding
  • Quick and easier build time using structural steel system
  • All steel components are high grade and locally made
  • Typical 300mm for h-beam/c-beam, 150mm x 150mm galvanised boxed steel used for poles and ring beam
Pole System

Pole System

All our homes are built off the ground, raised with steel-sub flooring. Minimum 500mm – Maximum 3.6m. If requested, we can also build onto concrete slab. Ieshahomes chooses to primarily build on poles because of the many benefits that come along with it. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose to build on poles!

  1. Easily build on slopes, unstable foundations, or uneven ground.
  2. Make the most of beautiful views
  3. Less environmental impact, as well as a sustainable design.
  4. More space for you to live in and/or expand your Ieshahome
  5. Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.