Affordable, Architectural, New Homes

Jon Benelle has created homes which allow the client to start owning their dream home, even if they aren’t financially able to. For example, the Cottage Studio is the size of half an Ieshahomes house, this was purposefully designed so that in the future the client can extend their home to its full potential. The POD Studio+ is also an easy investment that can be added to any existing property (ie, family). It’s compact in size but offers a private, self-contained home.

“Our dynamic, fully-engineered house systems and CAD design allow us to replicate Affordable, Architectural, Quality, New Homes in flat-pack with an average build time of 50 days.”

A key aspect of maintaining affordability is replicating floor plans in flat pack. Through this, Ieshahomes can deliver all the materials necessary to build your home, pre-cut and ready to assemble. The client can choose a Full Build or DIY Build which may save them more money. Ieshahomes also offers homes that require no construction, the POD Studio+ series are delivered fully assembled.

Ieshahomes uses modern materials and building methods to further cut costs for the client.

The SIP system for building the roof, walls, and floor of your Ieshahome house is a smart technology which allows for quick installation and quality results. SIPs are an all-in-one system that only uses one panel consisting of multiple layers, as opposed to multiple panels and other materials. The insulated foam core sandwiched between steel sheets is cheaper than traditional alternatives and provides the highest insulation rating available on the market. By using SIPs and building on poles rather than concrete slabs, Ieshahomes saves the client money long-term and short-term. Extensive foundation work is not required, and pests like termites are no problem for structural steel.


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