Jon Benelle


Jon Benelle is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in managing and directing start up companies in Australia and the NZ. He’s produced music and animation for children’s entertainment, as well as created Jambpop!, a children’s entertainment group, among other ventures. He is an industrial designer with several commercial products that have been produced and sold over the years. He now focuses on building and construction, this isn’t his first time in the field however, as he’s an experienced bricklayer and construction worker himself.

“My objectives are to design, look for commercial opportunities, and grow the company.” Jon says that “Product design and research along with working with clever people in design and architecture provides excellent results”, which is the key to carrying out business to its full potential.


Father of three daughters, Jon runs Ieshahomes as a family owned business. He hopes that now the business is out of development, it will be able to provide for them and allow them to work and gain experience in the business world. His eldest daughter Chea has been working for the company since graduating High School. Starting in administration, she’s now the head of graphic design and website management.

He started conceptualising the idea of an affordable ‘Ieshahome’ after discussing designs on another project with a friend. Their initial idea was to design a unique wellbeing/sports resort for the local area. As this idea expanded into accommodation and then housing, it took another form. The idea of affordable housing and creating affordable homes was realised and taken up to leading German architect Manfred Auch.

Once the right concept was figured out, Jon says that “Work started to take a much more serious turn. Manfred and his team started to design, in conjunction with my ideas, and this resulted in four new affordable house designs that were certainly great homes but they also used modern materials, design and construction methods.”

Affordability has always been at the core of Jon’s designs, and by refining them since mid 2013, the Ieshahomes of present day are the most affordable yet. Jon explains that “In the beginning we were aiming to offer architecturally-designed homes for less than $200,000k, built in less than two months. 5 years later and we’re getting these results and continuing to implement smarter techniques. Being able to add more features to our homes while still maintaining an affordable price is what Ieshahomes is all about- it always will be.”