Chea Benelle-Ruiz

Company Artist, Website Manager

Chea Benelle-Ruiz is the daughter of Ieshahomes director, Jon Benelle. She works abroad in the USA, carrying out website management and project requests from Jon. Chea provides all graphics for Ieshahomes’ website, social medias, and advertising. Among other things, she also creates the floor plans, elevations, and site plans for builds.

Chea has been dedicated to the company since 2015, working her way up from administration and accounting, to a comfortable position as the company’s artistic head and website manager. She provides a professional touch to the company’s online presence and works alongside Jon, taking his concepts and bringing about new designs like the POD Studio+ Affordable Lifestyle Village.

“I love being able to work at my own pace. Ieshahomes really allows me to express my creativity through design, something I’ve always been fond of. It enables me to work through issues and solve problems, ultimately helping me improve my skills and grow as a person.”