FEE TOTAL: $49.95 (One time payment with no additional fees.)


  • Listing – Ieshahomes publishes your land listing on our website
  • Marketing – Ieshahomes markets your land listing on our social media and website
  • Support – Ieshahomes provides assistance finding an Ieshahomes customer to lease the land.
  • Matching – Ieshahomes sends you the contact details of our customers who request/match with your land listing
  • Oversee – Ieshahomes gives you advice on what our customers are looking for and can recommend changes to make to your listing.


Ieshahomes offers a fee waiver to land host’s who cannot pay the listing fee. This waiver is not guaranteed and can take approx. 5-7 business days to review eligibility. If you are ineligible for the fee, you will be required to pay the fee before your land listing can be posted.

Have a question?

If you want to learn more about our land listing fee, or have any questions, you can contact our team on 0412 757 385 or emailing admin@ieshahomes.com.au.