Group Purchasing

Group Purchasing

Our 2/3 bedroom homes will be available to the 40 drawn entrants at a reduced price of $208k. Ieshahomes is able to give this reduced price offer through group purchasing. Group purchasing allows us to buy the materials for 40 of our 2/3 bedroom ready-to-build homes at a bulk price, and offer each customer a discount in return. Please see the terms and conditions of this promotion below for more details.

Price Breakdown

The 40 drawn entrants who take part in this group purchasing offer will be able to purchase their 2/3 bedroom home for $208k. The average affordable land price is around $180k, building and trades costs are estimated around $55k, and with government incentives available to first home buyers this could total the cost of your 2/3 bedroom Iesha home for $388k. Because of these overall savings our 2/3 bedroom homes have approximately $40k-$60k in equity.


Ieshahomes manages customers individually. There is no association within customers. The only group aspect is the $40k discount given by Ieshahomes. Each of the 40 customers purchase their own 2/3 bedroom ready-to-build Iesha home.


Registration Information

Registration begins Friday 26th January, 2018 and ends Friday 6th April, 2018. Ieshahomes is targeting investors, people who are downsizing, land owners, builders, caravan parks, cash buyers etc., but cannot refuse registration by anyone. Therefore registration is open to all Australian residents over the age of 18. Please see the terms and conditions of this promotion below for more details.

Drawing the winners

Drawing Information

Ieshahomes will hold two drawings for this promotion. These drawings will take place once the promotion has ended. The 1st drawing will determine 40 entrants who will receive the reduced price offer of $40k. These 40 entrants will then be automatically entered into the 2nd drawing. Entrants who are not selected for the 1st drawing will not receive the reduced price offer, or be eligible for the 2nd drawing. The 2nd drawing will determine 1 out of the 40 entrants to receive their 2/3 bedroom home for free. Please see the terms and conditions of this promotion below for more details.

1st Drawing

This is a managed drawing by Ieshahomes. Our team will review each registration and determine 40 entrants to receive the reduced price offer. Individual registrations will not be reviewed until the promotion has ended.

2nd Drawing

This is a random drawing by a 3rd party website. Ieshahomes does not determine which of the 40 entrants will receive their 2/3 bedroom home for free. We will be using their certified list generator to determine the winner.


2/3 Bedroom Home

2/3 Bedroom Information

40 replicated ready-to-build 2/3 bedroom Ieshahomes will be available at a reduced cost of $40k to the winners of the 1st drawing. These homes come in a standard floor plan as shown below. Winners are however able to customise the interior of their home. Optional extras such as decking and carports are also available and will be discussed with winners individually.

About the Floor Plan

2 bedroom display home floor plan for promotion

  • 1 Bathroom
  • 2 Bedroom
  • Sunroom (or optional 3rd bedroom)
  • Open-plan dining and living
  • Kitchen
  • Washing
  • Interior customisation available
  • Built in 4/6 weeks
Floor Plan

Floor plan and elevations

Click the images to enlarge. Files are also available for download here.

Quick Specs

List of house specifics

You can view the full list of inclusions and exclusions here. Ieshahomes includes all the materials for the construction of your home, as well as many components for the bathroom, kitchen, exterior, and more.

  • Engineered 125mm Boxed Galvanised Steel  subfloor /roof and frame
  • Superior Modern 130mm Colourbond Roof and Wall System
  • 2.7m High windows/Louvers and doors / smart glass
  • Open or fixed  Plan, R5+ Thermal Comfort
  • Quality finish Inex flooring system and decking
  • Tough/Smart/Architectural/Fast Build/Low maintenance
  • Cyclone/Earthquake/ Fire, Flood/White Ant/AUSNZ Standards rated
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Designer Decks and Awnings
  • Suits any type of land
  • Iesha HSD Residential Space Solution (included in each new home)
  • Above standard bathroom/kitchen/toilets + all fixture and fittings
  • Gas and electric cooking and Gas water heating
  • Fans/S Detectors/Water Tank/Wide Entrance door
  • Modern Plumbing and Electrical Components
  • Fully Insured/Warranty/Build Assist Service Pack/Delivery & Dispatch Coordination

Inclusions Gallery




Display home notice

This 2/3 bedroom floor plan is the same house design as our Bowraville Display Home (currently in progress). Registration for this promotion will close around the same time the display home is completed. The finished build will be shown online and be available for public viewing starting April 6th, 2018.

In the mean time, entrants or those interested in the promotion may view the floor plan and elevations for our 2/3 bedroom home online. Progress shots of the build can also be viewed on our Gallery page. If you require further information on our 2/3 bedroom ready-to-build home please feel free to contact our admin team via the questions form on our website. You can also find all our contact information on our Contact Us page.




About the Giveaway

Those who register in the promotion will also be automatically added to our 5 Secret Prizes Giveaway. This is an event which will run during the length of the promotion. These prizes will be showcased weekly on our Facebook page, and a winner announced at the end of that week. Winners will be drawn from the current registration pool. One prize maximum per entrant. This is an additional giveaway which does not effect the outcome of the group purchasing promotion. If you win one of the prizes listed below, you are still eligible for the $40k discount and chance at a free 2/3 Bedroom Home.


Giveaway Prizes:

  • Deposit credit towards an Iesha home
  • Holiday
  • Shopping spree
  • Cash
  • White goods (home and kitchen appliances)
Drawing the winners

Drawing Information

One prize will be showcased on Facebook every Monday for 5 weeks, making for a total of 5 prizes available to be won. Winners will be announced on Facebook every Sunday. This is a random drawing by a 3rd party website. Ieshahomes does not determine the winners of the giveaway. We will be using their certified list generator to determine the winners.