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With 5500 homes in the NNSW damaged and almost 3000 deemed uninhabitable, there is an increasing amount of residents in emergency accommodation. As the clean-up begins, those without homes are seeing rebuilding as the next step.

Ieshahomes Solution

Ieshahomes Home & Land Hosting service can provide help to those needing to rebuild after the devastating flooding in NNSW. Our land hosts can provide land to homebuyers, allowing for Ieshahomes to build your home off-site and deliver it to their property. Learn more about land hosting or find land to lease.

Why Ieshahomes?

Ieshahomes construct homes off-site using pre-fabricated materials and SIPS (structurally insulated panel system). This method speeds up turnaround, allowing us to deliver homes in roughly 4-8 weeks, allowing for residents to move in only a couple days after delivery. Through land hosting, homebuyers can lease land from land owners in the area, eliminating the need to acquire land which requires a significant up-front investment. For people affected by these floods, an affordable and quick solution is necessary. Not only are Ieshahomes built tough, but they’re affordable, customisable, and quick to build. Once the land lease is up, your home can be easily relocated using it’s temporary fixed footings.

Short & Long Term Solution

Our homes are the solution for those needing housing after the floods, whether they are completely rebuilding or cleaning up. Our homes are fully self-enclosed, available in a range of designs including studio, one, two, and three bedroom layouts. Customisation allows you to pick and choose the modular components you need, and with temporary fixed footings, you’ll be able to relocate or resell your home once the lease expires.

Group Purchasing Discounts

Homebuyers can further discount the price on their home through group purchasing. This allows for Ieshahomes to purchase and manufacture in bulk, passing the savings onto you. Group purchasing can save you up to 15% on the cost of your home. See below for current group purchasing discounts.

No. Of SalesHouse TypeDelivery MethodAvg. Cost
40Standard StudielleFully Built$59’000
20Standard StudielleFully Built$79’000

Looking For Land Owners

Ieshahomes is urging land owners to lease their land to our homebuyers through land and home hosting. By listing land on our website, Ieshahomes can connect those who are looking to rebuild with suitable land. Once you apply to become a land host, Ieshahomes will connect you to a homebuyer to then lease the land from you. Ieshahomes then works with the homebuyer to design and build their house off-site and deliver it to your property. Learn more about leasing your land.

If you’re a land owner, you can apply to become a land host and list your land for Ieshahomes buyers to lease out. Your listing will be shown on our website, and comes with other additional perks like marketing and support.

Find Land To Lease

Fill out the contact form below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as land is available to lease in your area. If you have any further questions about land leasing, you can contact us online or give our office a call on 0412 757 385.