Become a Land Host


If you’re a land owner, you can apply to become a land host and list your land for Ieshahomes buyers to lease out. Your listing will be shown on our website, and comes with other additional perks like marketing and support. Learn more.


  1. Fill out the application form below (includes a listing fee)
  2. Once you are approved, Ieshahomes will list your land on our website and pair you with an interested homebuyer.
  3. You will arrange a rental agreement with the homebuyer so they can lease out your land.
  4. Ieshahomes takes care of the sale and service of the homebuyer’s studio granny flat and delivers it to your land for the homebuyer to live in.

Land Host Application

You can also request a removal of your listing.

General Information For Land Hosts

  • Lease Terms – Standard lease for specific state
  • Option for D.A exempt and compliance / temp dwelling or term/ fixed dwelling (see council article) The parties will negotiate and agree on an option.
  • Amount of land to lease out to Ieshahomes buyer is recommended to be a min of 10x20m
  • Homes are installed on temporary footings and are hooked up to existing/temp town connection services (electricity/waste/water etc).
  • Waste water and Waste options are Temp connect to town or existing services / tank collection / tank collection and seepage.
  • Power options are, extension lead connection, solar connection and town services connection.
  • Call Ieshahomes Admin for support.
  • Use a 3rd party real estate agent if need be to consult
  • Keep it simple, discuss and work through hosting and cleaning. You as a land host can provide the option for cleaning on behalf of the home host.
  • List and choose land that is appropriate and has good access and the longer the lease the better.
  • Go out your way to be friendly when hosting but keep it business and stick to your agreements.
  • Think about if you host of you find someone local to do this and cleaning (if) buyer has not organised this.
  • Keep records – for reference and administrate the lease like a landlord or use an agent.
  • Any disputes, mediate and resolve fairly and quickly. Use agreements and terms.
  • Contact Ieshahomes or the leasing party if you need to and relate in writing and request support and resolution.
  • Insure water is provided or a tank is installed for water catchment and use.
  • Your lease price should be FAIR and subject to land area, type, access and facilities and access to other places, rural or sea aspects etc.
  • Between $100 and $200 per week is suggested.
  • (For home hosting) you could negotiate a percentage of lettings instead of lease rent.
  • At the end of a lease term you should ask dwelling owner if they would sell to you then you can continue and own (this would be say at the end of a 3 year term lease) nearly paid it off perhaps.