The Team

About the Ieshahomes team

Ieshahomes is a small, family based company which began in Bellingen NSW Australia. We started development mid-2013 and have been exploring new ideas ever since. The company is run by two builders, a local draftsman and designer, and our small admin team. We also work with a retired German based Architect, utilising their 40-staffed professional team- adding a smart and stylish European flair. Ieshahomes has since expanded across the Tasman and now services New Zealand as well as Australia nationwide.

What is an Ieshahome?

What is an Ieshahome?

Ieshahomes are smart homes built for the modern life. We understand that people change and grow, all while facing difficulties in rising house prices. Ieshahomes strives to support the buyer and in turn creating affordable housing that has architectural excellence. To make this happen we use steel to build our homes off the ground (pole homes). This, along with modern building materials and methods, enhance the design and structure of the build- all while making it a quick and easy process in only 5-6 weeks!

Our products only get tougher, smarter, stronger, and more stylish; the 2017 range of pole homes encompass all this with the signature European style. We have focused on smarter living that is environmentally friendly, the right amount of space, lots of natural light and air flow. Tall ceilings and curved/flat roof design promise the most amount of comfort with the least amount of impact to the earth. Our homes are built unique to the customer- shipped direct to you as a kitset home, pre-cut and ready-to-build. Our homes are pre-designed and delivered direct to your site construction-ready. All materials and components are cut to size and engineered to your land requirements- this means no mess and a ready-to-build home upon delivery.

studio with half studio extension

Our Design

More about our design

Our steel homes can be built on any type of land using a proven commercial grade sub-floor, pole system and/or concrete slab. Structural steel throughout your Ieshahome assures sustainability and an always safe living space. We use structural insulated panels for our walls and roof (SIPs) to bring you the most comfort and affordability. Ieshahomes come in studio cottages, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom homes. Our designs enable you to modulise multiple Ieshahomes together- whether its adding an extra bedroom, entertainment area, or another story to your home. All designs are cyclone and earthquake rated in compliance to standards set by both Australia and NZ authorities and associated laws.

Ieshahomes will always be affordable new homes thanks to the proven modern building methods and simple yet architectural designs we use. Our materials are shipped directly from the manufacturers- guaranteeing you a low price on everything from materials which build your house, to the fixtures and fittings which make it work. Ieshahomes use Galvanised Blue scope steel, standard brand materials, quality fabricators, precision engineering and fabricating is tied in with our simple service, reliable build and delivery of an Ieshahome.


What services do Ieshahomes offer?

  • 1-4 bedroom floor plans – ready-to-build pre-designed homes
  • Custom interior floor plans – ready-to-build pre-designed homes
  • Modulisation of custom and standard floor plans (combine multiple plans together)
  • Home extensions (adding extra rooms to your existing Iesha home)
  • Home and land packages
  • Home and business packages
  • Build assist (our builder supervisors or works in your team)
  • After sales support