About Ieshahomes

Ieshahomes is a small family based modular home company that has been working with clients across Australia and New Zealand since mid-2013. Beginning in Bellingen NSW, Ieshahomes has worked with LJ Hooker and other local businesses to promote the idea of affordable housing and 50 day build times. Read more about our mission here.

Meet The Team

Jon Benelle


Jon Benelle is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in managing and directing start up companies in New Zealand and Australia. Read more.

Steven Mallinson

Head Builder

With over 30 years of knowledge in the building industry,, Steve applies his skills to all Ieshahomes projects and builds. Read more.



Booh is Ieshahomes mascot and #1 fan. He represents the tough and booh-tiful design of our homes. Read more.

Chea Benelle-Ruiz

Artist & Website Manager

Chea provides all graphics for Ieshahomes’ website, social medias, and advertising. Among other things, she also creates the floor plans, elevations, and site plans for builds. Read more.

Jonathan Benelle-Ruiz

Sound & Music Producer

Jonathan has provided background music and sounds for Ieshahome’s videos and advertising campaigns. His music is available for streaming on soundcloud. Read more.



“Great design doesn’t need to be expensive.

When you use each material to its highest potential, and implement space-saving techniques, affordability becomes the strengthening factor that makes your home more valuable. This mantra, centered around affordability, is the core focus of Ieshahomes. We strive to incorporate smart technology and modern materials into our house designs in order to create affordable living for people across New Zealand and Australia.

aerial photography houses

photograph of tower


Our homes are fully modular and capable of being attached to one another, creating a myriad of unique designs and endless possibilities. Due to the flexibility of our design, PODS can be used as residential homes or business. Clients can not only customise the configuration of their POD, but also the decking and optional carport/s to create a floor plan that suits their needs.

5 Star Performance

  • 5+ Climate Control
  • 5+ Thermal Performance
  • 5+ Sound Proofing
  • 3+ Cyclone Rating
  • Low to no maintenance modern materials
  • Hurricane tough glazed glass
  • Tall windows and louvres for natural light

cloudy sky over lighted house

white thermostat at 62

Smart Homes

Ieshahomes look simple from the outside, with minimal, contrasting colours and materials, but once you step inside you’ll find a space which is intelligently designed and pleasing to the eye. The exterior blends seamlessly into any environment, making use of natural materials, like steel and wood, to emphasise the relationship our homes have with nature. Natural light encompasses the interior of our homes, creating a bright an welcoming space filled with calm energy.