We aim to give our clients the best price on their dream home, and have it built in an average of 50 days or less. To achieve this, we firmly guarantee the following:


Our team knows the ins and outs of all Ieshahomes houses (even our admin team is knowledgeable in the field of construction and trade). For this reason, we are confident in providing you with the assurance that no delays will occur and no extra costs will be necessary. We guarantee that our team can confidently relate to your builder, or yourself, regarding any matter.

Respect & Reliability

Our building team will treat you with respect, they are reliable and will work in with your builder if required.


Ieshahomes has designers and architects work on your house design and floor plan. These professionals correspond with our team of engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers to insure a smart, quality end product. Our homes comply with all states and associated living conditions.

Strength & Durability

Built tough, our homes will withstand storm force winds. To do this, Ieshahomes use fully galvanised steel and a (super strong) system that is easy to build and cost effective. As a result our homes can effectively withstand environmental elements such as fire, earthquakes, and termites.

Environmental Considerations

Ieshahomes have a low impact on the planet. Firstly, they do not require extensive foundation work. This is often invasive to the soil and can disrupt the natural flow of water. Instead, our homes use a pole system. This system effectively reduces the environmental impact your house will have on its natural surroundings.


Our homes can adapt to any type of land. Ieshahomes can effectively calibrate your home to the conditions of the New Zealand landscape.

Increased Value

The banks view our homes well. The value of your Ieshahomes house immediately increases after completion of the build. This increase is an average of 20% in the first year.