Wall Cladding, Roof, Color Customisations and more


Ieshahomes offers a range of additional customisations on your granny flat or studio POD. These include internal and external designs you can take advantage of to make your home as unique as you. See below for our range of customisation and color options.


  • Wall cladding color
  • Additional wall cladding overlay (weatherboard or James Hardie cement fibre)
  • Roofing (wave or rectangle steel COLORBOND roofing)
  • Sub-floor (optional brick base)
  • Decking (optional wood decking)
  • Storage System
  • As well as all modular add-ons listed here


  • Kitchen unfitted (standard pricing includes fitted kitchen, but you can opt out of kitchen to save on overall cost)
  • Bed (option to take out tiltaway bed in place of king single or queen bed)
  • [If using the module] Kitchen can be relocated to enclosed veranda

Wall Cladding Customisations

Ieshahomes has both contemporary and traditional looks for your granny flat studio POD. Your home comes standard with BONDOR structurally insulated roof and wall panels. These offer a modern and clean look for your home as well as premium insulation and protection against the Australian elements as well as fire, cyclone, flooding etc.

If you’re looking for a different pattern, or a more traditional look, Ieshahomes offers additional wall cladding to go over the standard BONDOR panels. Additional wall cladding options include:

  • Weatherboard Cladding (vinyl/plastic)
  • James Hardie Cladding (fibre cement)

Both of these panel options are available in several colors and patterns and allow you to further customise your home’s exterior. (Please note that the additional wall cladding overlays are an optional extra.)


These panels come standard with all Ieshahomes PODS and connection modules, featuring Australian-made Bluescope COLORBOND steel. BONDOR panels have high thermal performance and energy efficiency, and have been tested and certified to achieve up to a as well as a 3 hour fire rating. Panels come in a classic pattern and several modern colors including reddish-brown, dark blue, sandy, white, grey, and green hues.


  • Fire rated
  • High insulation
  • Sound dampening
  • Flexible design
  • Simple installation (easy for DIY builds)
  • Quality Bluescope steel panel skins


If you are looking for something different, Ieshahomes offers an additional weatherboard vinyl/plastic wall cladding option to go over the BONDOR wall panels. This is also available in several colors at an extra cost.


  • All BONDOR wall benefits
  • Additional thermal insulation
  • Traditional style and rustic charm
  • Blends in with existing homes as 2nd dwelling
  • Available for international export


The James Hardie Scyon range of wall cladding are clean and modern, with patterns ranging from geometric shapes to classic vertical or horizontal lines. This additional wall cladding option can bring a bold look to your home, while still keeping with the simple and clean look of Ieshahomes PODS.


  • All BONDOR wall benefits
  • Additional thermal insulation
  • Contemporary style
  • Great option for cities/residential areas
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Available for international export

Roofing Customisations

Ieshahomes also uses BONDOR for our roof panels. Using the same structurally insulated panel system, the roof panels are a single component with the ceiling and roof pre-manufactured. The BONDOR roof panels come in two styles- Insulroof or Solarspan. These both come in a range of colors (see color customisations below).


Insulroof is a corrugated 3 layer roofing system. It’s fully insulated and features the classic COLORBOND wavy steel look. The ceiling side of the panel comes standard as a flat contemporary rendered finish.


Solarspan is another 3 layer system using COLORBOND steel. It’s insulated and features a rectangular pattern on the roof rather than the wave that Insulroof has. It also comes standard with the flat color ceiling finish.


Bondor® is Australia’s leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels. Bondor® panels feature outer pre-painted skins of COLORBOND® steel from BlueScope® Steel, and are produced to the highest standards in the industry.

Sub Floor Customisations

Brick Overlay and Weatherboard Finish

Ieshahomes granny flat and studio PODS are built off the ground on poles starting at 0.6m and up to 2.4m high. You can choose to utilize this space as you want. For example, a 2.4m pole height will give you room for a carport or space to build additional room/house modules.

If you’re looking for an appealing way to cover the steel poles, Ieshahomes offers a brick overlay to cover up the sub floor. This enclosed space can work in with our STOREMORE built-in storage options, and can provide a further level of privacy and security.

Color Customisations

Ieshahomes allows you to customise your home’s external appearance by choosing a color that best suits your property’s environment, as well as your personal taste.





Internal Customisations