PODS are made up of modular components (modules) that are assembled together to create your living area and/or workspace. Individual modular components include:

  • Office module
  • Studielle module
  • awning module
  • decking module

Custom Configurations

You can attach multiple PODS to each other, creating a floor plan configuration that’s as unique as it is functional. The best part is that you can always expand upon your configuration in the future with our modules.

Order a POD or just the module

If you need extra living space, an office, or a bigger deck for that entertainment area you’ve been dreaming about, PODS make it easy! All our modules are available separately, so you can add-on whenever you like.

If you’re interested in buying a POD, or an individual module, simply fill out the EOI (expression of interest) form on our website and we’ll reach out to you!