PODS Are Modular Homes

PODS are made up of modular components (modules) that are assembled together to create your living area and/or workspace. With our modular homes, you can attach multiple PODS to each other, creating a floor plan configuration that’s as unique as it is functional. The best part is that you can always expand upon your configuration in the future with our modules.

Standalone Components for our Modular Homes

Extend your POD or existing home with our modular components:

  • Office module extension
  • Studielle module extension
  • awning module add-on
  • decking module add-on

Custom Configurations

Designing your home is easy with our modular homes. Use our POD floor plans to customise your own layout, attaching multiple PODS and awning/decking add-ons together.

Add-on Veranda Pack from $4995

Order a POD or just the module

If you need extra living space, an office, or a bigger deck for that entertainment area you’ve been dreaming about, PODS make it easy! All our modules are available separately, so you can add-on whenever you like.

If you’re interested in buying a custom configured POD, or extending your existing home with one of our modules, simply fill out the contact form on our website.