Get a Quote on an Exported POD with our pre-built flatpack home export

Currently, our pre-built flatpack home export service only offers Pre-built PODS for international delivery. If you are interested in a DIY Flatpack POD instead, please contact us directly.

List of countries available to export to:

Available for export:

  • Flatpack Office POD
  • Flatpack Studielle POD
  • Flatpack Module


Where is my POD shipped from?

We export Pre-built PODS from our distribution facility in Brisbane, QLD.

What is a Pre-built POD?

A Pre-built POD is exported in sections that are ready for final assembly on your site. There is no cutting, measuring, or additional manufacturing required.

What is included in my exported POD?

Your POD comes pre-built in sections, with all the components, fixtures, and fittings necessary installed. Your POD is delivered direct to your land, ready for quick assembly. Download the Iesha Pack Brochure for a full list of inclusions and exclusions.

How long until I can move into my POD?

Pre-built PODS take an average of 4-6 weeks from order to delivery (some delays of up to two weeks due to COVID-19). Assembly can take as little as 1 day, meaning you can move in the next. To ensure a timely assembly and move-in, please make sure all council arrangements (council consent) are made before your POD arrives. You can call your local council office to see what fees/documents you may need before installing your POD.