Floor Plans

Our standard floor plans are completely modular. Clients can attach any combination of floor plans together, allowing for more space and multiple levels. These can further be customised with decking and carports.

POD Studio+ | Cottage Studio | One Bedroom | Two Bedroom | Three Bedroom


  • Non-studio floor plans have 96m² of floor space
  • Studios have up to 72m² of floor space
  • Maximum pole height 4.6m, minimum 400mm.
  • Up to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on standard plans
  • HSD compatible


structural steel system
Structural Steel (Frame, Poles, Sub-Floor)
Structural Steel System Our structural steel system is the core of all Ieshahomes. Steel is used throughout the home, namely
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SIP System (Walls, Roof, Floor)
Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) Ieshahomes uses insulated foam core panels (SIPS) for walls and roofing. You can choose between
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Enclosed Decking – Ieshahomes’ Liveable Decks
What is a Sub-Floor? All Ieshahomes are built on steel sub-floors which allow our houses to be built off the
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Modular – What Does It Mean?
What is modular? Ieshahomes floor plans are modules and can be constructed with each other to make a larger home.
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Why Build Ieshahomes Floor Plans?

Our homes are affordable, starting from $97k for a POD Studio+ and up to $278k for a Three Bedroom home.

Our homes are quick and easy to build. We make our homes as easy to build as possible, all while maintaining outstanding strength and durability. By using modern building methods and materials like SIPs, Ieshahomes can achieve an average 50 day build time. All materials come pre-cut and ready to assemble and are delivered directly to your site.

Our homes can be delivered fully assembled. Ieshahomes POD Studio+ series require no building and are delivered to your site fully assembled with town services ready to be connected. Clients can choose fixed or temporary footings.

Our homes are compatible with HSD, or Home Storage Draws. This storage system is called STOREMORE, and was designed by Ieshahomes to focus on using external space for storage. STOREMORE’s HSD are secure sliding draws that are fitted to your home’s sub-floor. HSD are weatherproof and fully secured, large enough to fit bicycles and garden equipment. Check out the range of STOREMORE units available.

Our homes are modular, allowing you to extend in the future and create a unique floor plan to suit your needs. Extension jobs can be a hassle to develop properly engineered plans, but Ieshahomes takes care of this for you, assuring that any extensions to your current Ieshahomes house will blend seamlessly into your home.

Our homes are built on poles, making it easy to build pretty much anywhere. There are countless benefits of building on steel poles, from saving money on foundation work to decreasing the environmental impact of your home. With poles you can…

  • Easily build on slopes, unstable foundations, or uneven ground.
  • Make the most of beautiful views
  • Less environmental impact, as well as a sustainable design.
  • More space for you to live in and/or expand your Ieshahome
  • Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.

Our homes are customisable. Along with optional extras, Ieshahomes houses have many customisable elements to their design. This includes the roof type (curved or flat split-level), the decking and stairs/ramps, the interior colour scheme, as well as a range of external wall cladding patterns. Optional extras (like our enclosed deck system) can transform your deck into an extension of your living space. Carports, footpaths, landscaping, solar panels, and more are also available. Ieshahomes will work with you to design a floor plan with the features that work for you.

Our homes can be purchased with land. House & Land Packages are available up and down Australia’s East Coast, from $480k-$660k.

Our homes can be used for business. Home & Business Packages allow you to live in a Cottage Studio floor plan, and have an additional 48m² area of free space in the front. This can be used to run your business or rent out as a business space.

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