Choose Ieshahomes for your next DIY granny flat, add on, home office, or rental space and get 30 complimentary minutes of our Build Assist Service.

Save Money, Save Time & Rest Assured With Ieshahomes Flatpack And Build Assist Service

Flat Pack Ieshahomes are designed with strength, affordability and durability in mind- all this and only 6-8 weeks manufacturing and an average of 21 days to build. This is achieved by selecting 5 star performance suppliers and materials.

We utilize Bondor SIPS, a modular structural panel system that is high rated for thermal comfort and protection against the elements. Because SIPS are pre-manufactured, they don’t require further construction on site. They are delivered to you, only needing to be joined together on your steel sub frame.

Alongside Bondor SIPS for walls and roofing, Ieshahomes provides you with a Blue Scope box steel structural sub frame, Boral Inex/Magnaboard flooring, AMIA GJ Gardener windows and doors, as well as all necessary components for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, veranda and more.

What comes in a Flat Pack POD kit?

  • Your flat packed POD comes with all components and materials necessary to complete the build of your Studielle or Office POD (as well as any additional modules you choose).
  • All materials are 100% pre-cut, which means you don’t need to do any additional measuring or construction work on site when assembling the components on your steel sub frame.
  • Your kit also includes all fixtures and fittings for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom/living space, and any additional modules you’ve selected.
  • Components are delivered to you from our manufacturing facility, ready for assembly on your site.
  • Fixtures and fittings will be delivered locally from our suppliers, Bunnings Warehouse, and scheduled for a date that works for you.
  • One set of building plans and video manual for assembling your POD.
  • 30 minutes of Ieshahomes’ Build Assist service that provides you and your team assistance in the form of a builder or supervisor.
  • View the full list of inclusions here for more of what’s included as well as specifics.

What is Build Assist?

Ieshahomes’ Build Assist is a helpful tool that can assist you in the assembly of your POD. Build Assist is great for DIYers with little or lots of experience, and will give you and your team the head start in completing your build with safety, quality, and on time.

How Build Assist works:

  1. If needed, upgrade the 30 minutes of Build Assist to however many hours you require. Additional assistance can be purchased during your build or beforehand.
  2. Pick your Build Assist service. Choose whether you need a builder or a supervisor to guide your construction team.
  3. Schedule your Build Assist. Choose which day/s you need our Ieshahomes representative to come in and help.
  4. An Ieshahomes builder/supervisor will be sent to your site to conduct the service. Builders will help with the assembly of your home, while a supervisor will guide you or your construction team to properly assemble the POD.

What are the benefits of Build Assist?

With our Build Assist service you can rest assured knowing that your POD will be built on time the right way. Try our service out for free with the complimentary 30 minutes and upgrade as you go.

Quick Assembly – You’ll be sent an Ieshahomes representative that has experience in seeing the completion of several Ieshahomes PODS. With a crew member that knows how long each part of the assembly should take, you can rest assured that your POD is construction on schedule and in less than 3 weeks.

Quality Assurance – At the end of your POD’s assembly, an Ieshahomes rep will inspect the work that you or your team has done. By using our Build Assist service, you can guarantee this inspection will go smoothly. Having an Ieshahomes supervisor on site to watch over the build ensures that the building plans and instructions are being adhered to.

30 Complimentary Minutes – Ieshahomes encourages you to try out the Build Assist service to see if it’s a good fit for you. Even if you’re a confident builder, our Build Assist service is great for getting you on the right track.

The Bottom Line

Ieshahomes PODS are so easy to build, you can DIY or hire a construction team to get the job done for you. Whichever way you choose to build, Ieshahomes offers Build Assist to provide. This service can provide help and assurance for you and your team.