Get a Quote on an Exported POD

Currently, only flatpack options are available for international orders. If you are interested in a kitset POD instead, please contact us directly.

List of countries available to export to:

  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Vanuatu (Pacific Island)

Delivery methods:

  • Flatpack Office POD
  • Flatpack Studielle POD
  • Flatpack Module


Where is my POD shipped from?

We export flatpack PODS from our distribution facility in Brisbane, QLD.

What is flatpack delivery?

A flatpacked POD is exported in sections/pieces that are ready for final assembly. There is no cutting, measuring, or additional manufacturing required for flatpack delivery.

What is included in my exported POD?

Your POD comes pre-built in sections, with all the pre-assembled components, fixtures, and fittings necessary. Your POD is delivered direct to your land, ready for quick assembly.

A full list of inclusions and exclusions is available for download here. This list will also be in your buyers agreement when you purchase your POD.

Will my POD come pre-built?

Similar to flatpack furniture, your POD will arrive in easy to assemble sections that you can put together in just 1 day. These pre-assembled components need to be connected together by yourself or a third party team. We provide you with an easy instructional video and manual.

How do I assemble my POD?

Follow our instructional video and manual. You may want to hire a third party team to help complete the assembly in a timely manner. After the assembly of your POD, an Ieshahomes representative will inspect the POD to ensure it’s assembly was completed correctly.

How long until I can move into my POD?

Flatpack PODS take an average of 4-6 weeks from order to delivery. Assembly can take as little as 1 day if you’ve got a third party team to assist you. To ensure a timely assembly and move-in, please make sure all council arrangements (council consent) are made before your POD arrives. You can call your local council office to see what fees/documents you may need before installing your POD.