What is a Sub-Floor?

All Ieshahomes are built on steel sub-floors which allow our houses to be built off the ground, on poles. Sub-floors are used for the structural foundation of your home, as well as the base for decking. Our sub-floors have been engineered to allow for use underneath your home. You can choose to customise your floor plan and build additional rooms/storeys to your home, or have the space to extend in the future.

Building information

Components to build these extensions are only available from our manufacturers. This is due to the specific steel engineering applied to each of our floor plan designs. Our floor plans must be tweaked specifically for each customer’s intended building area. For example, the zone and type of land will differ for each new home build, and contains important building elements which must be adjusted for each condition.

Because of this, when you extend your Iesha home, the materials must be ordered through our company’s manufacturers and suppliers. Materials will be scheduled for a delivery date that suits you, and are delivered direct to your building site. For more information on the building process of your Ieshahome, visit the Build Assist page.

Benefits of a Sub-Floor

Benefits of building on a steel sub-floor

  • Sloped or uneven ground is no problem to build on
  • No need for extensive foundation work – reduced building costs of repairing landscaping of the site
  • Less environmental impact – lessened silt runoff into waterways
  • Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.
  • Steel leads the construction industry, which is why Ieshahomes heavily incorporates its many uses into our designs- bringing you tougher, more affordable homes. Read more about the structural steel framing system here.


Decking and Stairs

About our decks

Decks are a customisable component to your Iesha home, and are built using the steel sub-floors as a base. Steel sub-floors can be designed to have straight or angled decking. This allows for many unique designs to be created for your Iesha home. You can choose to have standard decking which are compatible on all standard floor plans, or customise as required. Our team will work with you to create a design which best works for you.

Stair information

All raised sub-floors will require steps/staircases from the ground level to your decking. Stairs are steel-based with hardwood timber finishes. Ieshahomes only provides the steel components on delivery of building materials of your Iesha home.

Introducing 'Liveable Decks'

What are liveable decks?

Liveable decks allow your decking to be transformed from a regular outside space, to an enclosed living area. This allows you to live inside and outside, getting the most space out of your Iesha home. The roof of your Ieshahomes can be extended over your deck area, creating an extended living area of your home. Ieshahomes provides the skillion roofing and all materials for this roof extension. This area become fully self-enclosed by installing aluminum slat screens around the perimeter.

Product information

Liveable decks are an optional extra to your Iesha home. If you use our order form to get a quote, you can select ‘Liveable decks’ in the additional products/services section. The delivery of your home will include all extra components necessary for this extension.