What we use

Our materials feature two specific systems that set us apart and make Ieshahomes tougher, smarter, and more affordable housing. We use structural steel framing for the skeleton of your home- making its core strong and fast to build. Another important element is the roof and walls of your Ieshahome. We use a modern method called SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System). SIPS is a highly efficient way of creating the roof and walls for your home, with the insulation sandwiched between the interior and exterior panels. Steel and SIPS are top of the range building materials and when combined make for a truly smart home that not only looks good, but is environmentally friendly.

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Structural Steel

Structural Steel Frame

We are more than confident in the materials for your home and only use the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective products yet. We’ve spent the last 2.5 years researching and developing the materials Ieshahomes would use to create their products. From all the materials we tried and tested, steel was found to be accurate, tough and overall one of the best construction materials to work with.

Ieshahomes uses modern building methods with light and structural steel work, allowing for ease and style when it comes to architectural designs. Ieshahomes are affordable, architectural, new homes and our structural steel framing has a large part to do with this. By using steel as the frame cuts costs- making it more affordable and financially efficient.

Along with the steel frame of your house, Ieshahomes builds off the ground. We use a structural steel sub-floor and poles to raise your home to an elevation between 500mm and 3.6m specific to your build. Ieshahomes also builds on concrete slab if requested. Here’s a few reason why building off the ground is incredibly more efficient than your standard concrete slab:

  1. Easily build on slopes, unstable foundations, or uneven ground.
  2. Make the most of beautiful views
  3. Less environmental impact, as well as a sustainable design.
  4. More space for you to live in and/or expand your Ieshahome
  5. Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.
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Structural Steel

SIPS Wall and Roof


Featured in our materials list is another important component- SIPS. This is what we use for our wall cladding and roofing, it stands for Structural Insulated Panel System.

In addition to reducing material costs and site labor time, the panel technology is ideal for creating airtight, highly energy-efficient buildings. This is an important advantage considering the ongoing discussions of increasing energy cost. When combined with the speed of construction, minimal waste and simplicity of construction, the Superior Wall System is rightly regarded as an advanced building method for the 21st Century.

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Wall Cladding

Ieshahomes are extremely adaptable in construction and design. We want you to have the most efficient yet alluring home out there- for a great affordable price. This is why you can choose to have Ieshahomes build or DIY with your own builder via flatpack. To read more in detail about the process of buying your Ieshahome visit the Terms and Incl & Exclusions pages.

If you require any more information on our building methods and materials you can also send an email to jon@ieshahomes.com.au or call Ieshahomes Builder Direct on 0412 757 385.