Cairns Caravan Park

Transportable Ieshahomes for Caravan Parks

Ieshahomes has started signing up lease/parking spots for our Studielle Granny Flats and Home Office Studios as an incentive association with caravan parks throughout QLD and NSW. If you’re interested in buying an Ieshahomes POD to be situated in a caravan park, or if you operate a caravan/tourist park, please fill out the form below.

  • IESHAHOMES connects any Studielle or Home Office Studio BUYER with the associated “Caravan Park”.
  • The BUYER negotiates a lease option/term/ Price.
  • Temp Basis / Long Term / Display options are available.
  • Parking / lease plots are positioned accordingly to allow for IESHAHOMES small home and studio range.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply, contact our team for more details.

How it works

  1. IESHAHOMES directs buyers of our small dwellings to locally participating caravan parks, specific to the buyer’s area.
  2. IESHAHOMES promotes the caravan park studielle lease/parking to the general public in NSW and QLD only.
  3. Parks administration offer “parking / lease” options available to buyers that IESHAHOMES generates, plus other consumer awareness.
  4. The buyer of an IESHAHOME (small dwelling) is booked in for lease/parking and agreement signed with the caravan park.
  5. The park advises and confirms with IESHAHOMES.
Additional information for parks/management
  • Temporary or Extended lease terms available
  • Dwelling owners pay weekly lease costs
  • Position of temporary dwellings on site/maybe designated
  • Options for renting out the dwelling whilst on a park site
  • Display lease (with option to show)
  • A process both IESHAHOMES and Parks can work under easily (KISS)
  • Park services
  • T&M’s for consumers
  • T&M’s – MoU between IESHAHOMES and Park owners

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For Small Dwelling Owners
  • Your Studielle or Office POD is built on temporary footings, making it transportable.
  • Optional private lease parking available QLD and NSW wide
  • Easy parking for their new IESHAHOMES small dwelling
  • Park exchange options
  • Services Options
  • YourZone Display Options
  • Rent out options
For Parks/Management
  • An additional stream of consumers is generated – Added cashflow/revenue niche
  • Optional leases , Term Parking, rental Parking, More permanent parking, Display parking.
  • YourZone option to generate additional revenue
  • Brand new, quality small dwellings on show at parks
  • Additional traffic flow generated by the marketing incentive and its planned promotions by IESHAHOMES

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