What is Builder+?

Builder+ is for trades minded people whom want to build clean, manufactured quality replicated small dwellings, no mess, simple but 5 star small dwellings including Granny Flats, Office and Home Studios, Shoffice, module extensions and homes.

Ieshahomes provides Builder+ customers with their Ieshahomes POD at a discounted price so the builder can buy, build, and sell the home for a profit. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Get Started in 1, 2, 3!

1. BUY

Purchase a flat pack Ieshahomes POD at wholesale price. Our flat pack prices are cheaper than our pre-built homes- so along with the discounted wholesale price and any group purchase discounts, you’ll be getting a lower rate.


Assemble your Ieshahomes POD from our easy pre-fabricated flat packs. No cutting, no welding, no measuring required. Ieshahomes offers build assistance, support, as well as video manual and building plans.


Sell your Ieshahomes POD and make a profit. Terms and conditions apply to ensure market fairness in retail pricing.

Ieshahomes PODS are easy and quick to assemble. 4-8 weeks from order to delivery, finish building in less than 21 days.

About Ieshahomes

Ieshahomes is an 8 year old building company that designs and builds 5 star granny flats and office/studio pods. We specialize in modular homes that are easy to assemble, customise, and add onto in the future. Our homes are 100% Australian Made and are designed specifically for Australian conditions.

Quick Specs

  1. DYNAMIC: our PODS are perfect for residential and commercial use.
  2. MODULAR MODERN DESIGN: connect multiple PODS together to form a bigger space, your home is unique.
  3. EASY ASSEMBLY: choose our Pre-built option and have your POD delivered and assembled in 1-3 days, or choose flat pack and assemble it yourself in roughly 21 days.
  4. TRANSPORTABLE: optional temporary footings mean that your POD can move locations with ease.
  5. 5 STAR PERFORMANCE: our PODS offer 5 star performance and are engineered to provide the highest ratings in climate control, thermal comfort, sound proofing, and against natural disasters (cyclone, hurricane, flood, etc).

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What are the benefits of Builder+?

  • BUY/BUILD/SELL (wholesale) + group purchase discounts
  • Optional additions, Kitchen, Kitchenette, carpet, tiltaway bed, bathroom etc
  • For Builder+ applications submitted online, Ieshahomes offers a 1 hour price estimate.
  • Pre-manufactured
  • Fast to build
  • Tough
  • No wielding
  • No comebacks
  • High warranty
  • Build assist service support
  • After sales service

How to apply for Builder+

To apply for Builder+, you must be a builder or tradesperson with a current trade license. Additionally, Ieshahomes requires builders/contractors and tradespeople to have a drivers license or be working for or own a building/construction business. Have your details ready when signing up below.

Turn heads and a profit with Ieshahomes PODS. Our homes are clean, modern, and easy to build and include all warranties from our 100% Australian Made suppliers.

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Terms and Conditions

For a full outline of terms and conditions, please contact Jon at jon@ieshahomes.com.au or call 0412 757 385 for more information.

Order Process

  • Upon ordering, the Builder+ customer will sign a sales agreement provided by Ieshahomes. This agreement outlines selected payment method.
  • Builder+ customers will receive their selected PODS in 4-8 weeks from order to delivery.
  • Ieshahomes offers after sales service and support as well as build assistance.

Payment Methods

Ieshahomes offers two payment options for Builder+ customers, applicants will be able to choose their preferred method when applying.


  1. 50% deposit
  2. 25% prior to dispatch
  3. 25% upon invoice terms and sale settlement


  1. 1/3rd deposit
  2. 1/3rd prior to dispatch
  3. 1/3rd on delivery