POD single elevations

Bowraville POD Display Home

The Iesha Display Village will soon be showcasing a single occupancy POD from the new range of POD Studio+ homes. Featuring a temporarily fixed footings, this POD will exemplify the versatility of Ieshahomes’ design. One aspect of this is that a POD which is temporarily fixed is completely de-mountable, meaning that you can move it with ease. So whether you’re doing some simple re-arranging of your property or moving across the country, your POD Studio+ can move with you any step of the way.


  • Interior: 36m²
  • Fully self-contained
  • Open-planned studio layout
  • Kitchenette (with laundry facilities)
  • Bathroom
  • Temporary footings


Address: 14 Young Street, Bowraville NSW 2449

To schedule a visit, call or text Jon on 0412 757 385.


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